Brabbag Fuels Ltd.

The Brabbag Co-operative

Dear Sir or Madam:

Firstly we would like to thank you for your interest in quality renewable biomass fuel over the recent weeks. Brabbag Fuels Ltd was set up to test the market for biomass fuel; currently all of our fuels are imported. However biomass fuels could easily be produced here, on the Isle of Man, offering huge benefits to the cost and security of home heating. How would you like to have a controlling stake in your own fuel supplies? How about greatly reducing the cost of your central heating bill in the short term, and guaranteeing your fuel supply in the long term?

The Facts.

The Idea.

To form a co-operative in order to secure the market and capital required to support production and processing of quality biomass fuels on the Isle of Man. Based upon the existing market, initial investments could be directed primarily towards two main areas.

  1. LOGS. It is suggested that the co-operative's activities in this area would focus upon establishing contracts to encourage the supply of hardwood, raise the standards of processing, and possibly acquire and operate seasoning & drying facilities if necessary.
  2. BRIQUETTES. It is suggested that the co-operative could acquire and run a biomass briquetting plant. Manx made briquettes would be a competitive alternative to coal, and prepare the co-operative for expansion as the biomass energy sector develops.

What next?

I have completed initial stages of research into supplies of raw materials and machinery and am happy to provide the details upon request. At this stage all we really need to do is establish whether enough people would consider supporting this idea. Please spread the word! It is hoped that the investment required from each member would be in the region of £100, and would require a minimum of 1000 members in order to support / consume initial production. If you would consider investing in a local fuel producers co-operative please contact me in order to register only your interest and thoughts at this stage.

Telephone - 222044

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Very Best Regards, James Hampton BA, MSc.

Warning: This Company may endanger the seat of your troosyn!