Brabbag Fuels Ltd.


We spend literally hours, toasting our feet and frying our brains, rigorously testing the products we sell. Its hard work, but we feel it's our responsibility!

On this page we will be noting down what we think of the various things we burn. As no two stoves, chimneys or fireplaces fire in the same way we'd also love to hear your experiences of different fuels, any fuels really! We will be please to put your thoughts on the best brabbag fuels up here for all to see: please email your thoughts. We started this business because we wanted better fuel for our stove, and we believe the fuels we sell are the best available, but if you think there is something else we should be stocking please let us know. We're constantly trying briquettes from different sources, and there are a lot of poor quality examples available, but if we find any more we like rest assured they'll be on sale here soon.

We are currently awaiting test reports from several combustion experts - if they haven't fallen asleep in front of the fire that is - who are utilising a variety of open fires and stoves from the small Morso to the large Charnwood to test our stuff.

Here at Brabbag HQ we have a recently fitted new Arrow Stratford SEB 20kw Boiler stove, with a 12kw back boiler hooked up in the old fashioned manner to the domestic hot water and central heating, running 6 good sized radiators. Other than the immersion element in the tank we don't have any other form of heating. Hardcore Stovies! With the throttle fully opening this stove can really scorch through a woodpile fast. But from a cold standing start it can turn the whole house tropical and have you in your underwear in less than an hour on good fuel! We love it! With the thermostat halfway open we get a nice background heat in the rads, and a reasonable full consumption.

So, our thoughts on...


We have tried to establish the fairest pricing we can, but if you feel you could get the same product to your door cheaper please let us know. We realise you will be able to find the same products in the UK for less, such is the beauty of the internet, however our prices include the cost of that very expensive bit of water and a dedicated delivery service, not a drop it and run! We do not believe in the mantra of free delivery, it does not exist. We believe in fair delivery. If you purchase a whole pallet, we only have to make one trip and unload it. If you purchase the same pallet two bags at a time, this obviously costs a lot more in terms of delivery and our prices reflect this. We feel this is the fairest way.

Warning: This Company may endanger the seat of your troosyn!