Brabbag Fuels Ltd.

Why Have a Brabbag?

Having a Brabbag (pronounced 'brathag', 'bravag' or no doubt many other ways), is to stand with one's back to the heat of a fire, legs apart (according to the Manx Dictionary!) and enjoy the heat warming up a cold body. Mind the seat of your troosyn!

Why Brabbag Fuels?

  1. We enjoy having a good brabbag - however like a lot of people we know, we find it hard to find the time and space to properly process and season fire wood, so we decided a convenient and reliable supply of fuel was needed, and hopefully you agree!
  2. Burning properly dry as opposed to soggy logs is like the difference between lamp oil and avgas - if you've never burned dry logs before please try some, you won't believe the difference in performance!
  3. There is currently very little choice on the island when it comes to fully prepared and delivered quality renewable fuel for the modern market.
  4. If like us you don't have the resources or possibly the inclination to keep yourself fully stocked with a ready-to-burn supply of clean, easy and efficient renewable fuel. Or you are currently burning soggy softwood - sooting up your fire & chimney - or messy fossil fuels, then we'd like to offer an alternative.

Why Not Manx Wood?

  1. Why indeed! We fully believe the Isle of Man could easily, and therefore should be independent in all energy supplies. Yes we realise importing firewood to the Island is not ideal - it is however one step better than importing fossil fuel in our view.
  2. If you already have a consistent supply of good quality dried local hardwood please stick with it. We hope to be expanding the supply of local firewood in the near future.
  3. We are more than happy to hear from any local suppliers with regard to contracts for purchasing, processing and / or distributing firewood and other biomass fuels. Please email or call.
  4. As fossil fuel prices continue to rise we hope to establish a market for the alternatives. If we can establish a market we fully intend to become a local energy harvester. The revolution starts here comrades!

Warning: This Company may endanger the seat of your troosyn!